Teaching has taught me to listen. I ask for student feedback throughout the semester, verbally and in writing. Here you'll find a number of those written comments, which characterize my teaching style in a variety of courses, as well as the numeric data from my recent Student Ratings of Teaching (buttons on the left).

Below are sample comments that were offered by students recommending me for Teacher of the Year, which I was awarded in May 2016 by the Department of Writing Studies.

  • "Sarah is a truly proactive instructor. To her, teaching is a learning experience, and she constantly sought to become a better teacher. She personally invested time and effort into each student, meeting with them on one on when necessary. I thoroughly enjoyed in class discussions, and she truly made me feel as though my voice was valued." 
  • "We would read articles about how people write and what it means. This challenged us to think of what it means when you write certain ways and how it can impact people differently. It really is helpful for when you are writing in other classes, whether you want to be persuasive, educational, or informal."
  • "Sarah is an incredibly supportive and welcoming instructor. She facilitated in depth student discussions on important social justice issues and always encouraged us to challenge each other and grow through the conversations."
  • "She was a great instructor who chose interesting and relatable pieces for us to read. She also gave very helpful feedback on papers and helped me grow overall as a writer"
  • "Sarah's feedback on rough drafts was incredibly helpful. Her advice helped me to improve my writing in many areas beyond just what we wrote in class."
  • "Sarah's class seemed unique in the way that it was not really about teaching us how to write, but why we write and how it shapes our society."

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